We place priority on the best interests of our Clients, which is why we create the products on offer for them.

In order to meet the expectations of the Clients, we have enhanced the offer in the field of ecological heating, in which our Clients may sign a contract with partners offering heating devices in the form of storage stoves and heat pumps. As a result, our Clients receive help not only in the form of better financial conditions, but also in the form of audits and professional advice.

New products for households:
  • Enea Eco - an anti-smog offer aimed at households who want to use cheap night electricity for ecological heating of the house or charging electric cars;
  • Energy + Heating - the Client avails of an attractive offer consisting of consultancy, audit and sale of storage stoves and heat pumps;
  • Enea Smart - we have expanded the product line with the Heating Package. The package facilitates the management of the temperature in selected rooms of a flat or house, while achieving measurable savings due to the reduced heating costs.

New solutions for companies:

In 2018, we increased the range of business products offered. Our Clients have gained access to "Enea Smart Business" products with a package of modern solutions. These services facilitate the protection of the home against fire, flooding or burglary. In addition, the Clients who run companies may take advantage of the services of professionals of many specializations such as: an electrician, locksmith, plumber, glazer, IT specialist including specialist access, diagnostics, labour and parts.

  • Enea Smart Business - a product that combines electricity with a package of modern solutions that will protect a house against fire, flooding or burglary, as well as facilitate the use of electricity more efficiently;
  • Energy + Professional PRO - a combination of electricity sales after unchanged prices and services of minor repairs for 24 or 36 months.


    • We developed the loyalty program Shopping Zone by extending and making the product offer more attractive and providing the Purchase Zone for new Customer segments;
    • We continued cooperation with Towarzystwo Obrotu Energią (Energy Trade Association) for the educational campaign "It's no joke - choose wisely. Check who is offering you electricity and gas", the purpose of which is to warn Clients against dishonest sellers;
    • We continued the educational campaign "Check who is offering you energy before you sign the contract";
    • We offered support to Clients who felt cheated by other electricity sellers. We have prepared a special product offer for them.


With the maximum care, we implement the terms of contracts signed with Customers. We pay special attention to the quality of our products and services. An important element is also providing modern solutions adapted to the conditions and environment in which they will be used. This would not be possible without the development of new products and investments in the infrastructure.

Series quality mark "NO SMOG"

Enea Ciepło has successfully passed the certification process under the System Heat Promotion Program. The PreQurs certificate received is important not only for us, but above all for the residents of the city and our Clients. Enea Ciepło received class A, with the description "NE" (DOES NOT EMIT or NO EMISSION). Our installations produce heat in a more ecological and environmentally friendly way than home coal-fired boilers. The use of our heating system is one of the ways to fight smog.

Investment Enea Oświetlenie that improves the comfort of residents:

  • Enea Oświetlenie has installed new lighting of the narrow gauge railway station in Gasawa: stylish lamps illuminated more than a century of the railway station. In addition to the aesthetic effects, we also included the environmental element by installing modern LED sources. Most importantly however, is the fact that the new lighting installation affects the comfort of users, thus fulfilling the primary goal - ensuring the safety of residents;
  • Enea Oświetlenie has modernized over one hundred and ten astronomical clocks controlling Stargard street lighting. We used modern devices that are equipped with a GSM module, enabling the remote switching of lighting, e.g. by a cell. As a result of this work, the quality of the city's lighting has improved, and around six thousand lamps illuminating city streets are switched on and off at the same time.