An inseparable element of building favourable working conditions is investment in the development of Employees. Therefore, we organize a number of trainings and initiatives that on the one hand improve the competences of Employees, and on the other, affect the competitiveness of the industry.

training and development

Our goal is to develop Employees, but also to minimize the risk that the acquired knowledge will leave the organization with the uncontrolled departure of qualified personnel.

We strive to perceive ourselves as a modern and attractive employer who is able to create conditions for individual development and enables the acquisition of experience by commissioning ambitious tasks.

  • We are aware that our Employees, together with their skills, competences and experience, constitute the strength of the Enea Group. It is thanks to their experience and commitment that we can build a value-based organization.
  • We invest in people because our success depends on their personal and professional development. The Enea Group invests in their development not only through a wide package of training and courses, subsidizing higher education, but above all through the possibility of implementing interesting professional challenges.
  • By specifying in the "Procedure for the implementation of development actions of human capital in the Enea Group" clear and transparent rules for the development of Employees, we provide and give our Employees a chance for development and promotion, regardless of their position.