As part of improving the quality of life and promoting the integration of Employees, the Enea Group provides a comprehensive package of benefits that create a valuable offer supporting the acquisition and attachment of Employees to the Group. The key areas we try to influence through the benefits offered include the following: health and physical activity, financial stability and Employee development.

In addition to traditional forms of motivation, we offer our Employees interesting projects that allow them to implement their own initiatives.

During the year, we have carried out several initiatives in which our Employees engage with passion. These include numerous pro-social and volunteer campaigns organized by the Enea Foundation, including:          

  • "Run - Raise - Help" charity and sport charity campaign;
  • The "Power of help" grant program;
  • Blood donation program in the Enea Group "Energy is in our blood";
  • Competence volunteering: educational lessons "Not such terrible electricity" and first aid rescue program, including training in the field of first aid provided in schools, playschools, at festivals and during events organized by Enea;
  • Volunteering for the campaign "Free your energy and give yourself to others", which implements initiatives for public benefit entities, e.g. in 2018 Enea Group volunteers got involved in the following pro-social actions of the Enea Foundation: initiatives for animals in need ("Karma returns" (Pet food in Polish) - collection of food for animals from shelters, construction of shelters for homeless feline families), charity events (organization "Santa Claus Day" for children from the community club "Tulipanki" from Poznań, "Card for Valentine's Day" for the charges of the Hospice Palium in Poznań, "Butterfly Day" namely, a painting by Employees of butterflies, which serve as "building blocks", thanks to which the Palium Hospice in Poznań implements projects for their wards), social innovation "My own corner", covering the elderly and renovating their rooms in Poznań Social Welfare Homes;
  • Charity collection for colleagues:
    • “Pack of Great Power” - collection around Easter, mainly sweets, stationery, toys for children from care and education centres, orphanages, day care rooms, single mother homes;
    • "Schoolbag full of smiles" - collection of school articles for community day rooms;
    • "Unscrew – Bring - Help" - year-round collection of nuts. During the two years of action, 450 kg were collected that have been donated to the Common Way Association in Luboń;
    • "Bring a hat, a scarf, gloves for the needy" - action for the homeless, coming to the city heating facilities in Poznań - as part of the campaign 156 hats, 142 scarves and 58 pairs of gloves were collected for the needy.

For more information about the projects, see "THE SOCIAL INFLUENCE


We provide Employees with various forms of motivation. The most frequently offered additional benefits in our Group include:

  • The right to the annual bonus;
  • Training allowance;
  • Reward and day off on Energy day;
  • Jubilee award;
  • Surcharge for electricity used in the household after one year of work;
  • Co-financing for holidays in the countryside, recreation for children and youth;
  • Medical care, thanks to which Employees have the opportunity to take advantage of a wide range of medical services;
  • Opportunity to purchase various combinations of life insurance packages for Employees and family members;
  • Group insurance;
  • The right to co-finance a MultiSport Card or a supplement for sporting activities;
  • Surcharge for cultural activity (co-financing for tickets to the cinema, theatre, museum);
  • More favourable retirement benefits resulting from the Labour Code;
  • Right to the Employee Pension Program after one year of work;
  • The right to a loan and the right to an allowance for Employees who are in a difficult financial and health situation;
  • Co-financing for corrective glasses;
  • Financing or co-financing of preventive and therapeutic holidays and stays in a health resort;
  • Financing Employee participation in training and co-financing for studies.

Employees of our Group can also use non-financial forms of motivation, which should be distinguished as follows:–        

  • Idea - a program enabling the implementation of self-initiatives, improvements in self-work and that of colleagues;
  • Employee integration by means of participation in Employee volunteering;
  • Ability of Employees to become involved for local communities, e.g. as part of the "Power of Help" campaign;
  • Contests for Employees and their children;
  • Flexible working hours.

An important element of our culture is also that of integration meetings and events that we can celebrate together. During the year, our companies organize events that Employees can avail of to strengthen cooperation and exchange experiences. Meetings are also an opportunity to develop your passions and a way to get to know each other outside of the workplace.

The most frequently celebrated events in our Group are as follows: Power Engineer’s Day , meetings with Employees leaving for retirement, Enea Group Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve meetings in individual companies.

In addition, on the occasion of special anniversaries or events, the companies organize other meetings during the year, e.g. in 2018 Enea Centrum organized the Gala of the company's 5th anniversary, which all Employees were invited to.


The Enea Group undertakes numerous activities for the benefit of Employees and their families, implementing modern solutions aimed at maintaining a balance between professional activity and family life.
These are as follows:

  • Rights related to working time (flexible working hours);
  • Medical packages for the whole family on attractive terms;
  • MultiSport cards for the whole family on attractive terms;
  • Co-financing for recreation (as well as summer camps, camps, winter camps for children of Employees);
  • Support in difficult life situations and fortuitous events through the activities of the Enea Foundation;
  • Possibility of participation of an Employees' families in sporting and cultural activities;
  • Contests for Employees and their children;
  • Co-financing for nurseries and playschools (depending on the amount of income);
  • Loans for house construction, purchase of apartments;
  • Loans for repairs and modernizations.

The opinion of our Employees is important to us, therefore in 2018 the first Employee Satisfaction Survey on such a large scale (9 Enea Group companies) was carried out. It provides us with current and structured knowledge, thanks to which we are able to improve our working environment. In addition, it provides information on how Employees perceive their immediate environment, how they evaluate communication and development opportunities. The survey was received with great interest by Employees, which confirmed that we want to shape the space for development, build a comfortable and inspiring workplace and a competitive company. The results of the research allowed us to better plan the key HR processes. During the study, we focused on eleven areas. The results of the study obtained facilitated the determination of specific activities for the following year, supporting the increase of Employee satisfaction and involvement.

Tested areas of satisfaction:

  • My workplace - indicating the level of Employee satisfaction with the availability and quality of tools, applicable health and safety rules, systems and IT solutions and the surrounding working environment, such as social rooms;
  • A friendly workplace - taking account of social factors that speak about respect, equal treatment, objective evaluation and a sense of job stabilization;
  • My team - an area that takes account of the closest social environment of the team members in which the research participant works;
  • Communication - taking account of the aspect of individual communication, e.g. the ability to express your own and general company opinions related to, for example, communicating changes;
  • Cooperation with the superior - a wide spectrum of the capabilities of assessing managerial skills of the supervisor, as one of the key Employee satisfaction factors and in many situations the liaison between them and the organization;
  • Feedback - taking account of the factors of organizational culture, enabling Employees to improve and develop on the basis of information on the quality of work received from the manager;
  • Possibility of development and training availability - indicating the level of satisfaction related to the implementation of professional ambitions in the context of promotions, as well as acquiring new qualifications and competences;
  • Work organization and cooperation between organizational units - regarding aspects of both work organization, as well as the impact on cooperation between various parts of the organizational structure;
  • Assessment of remuneration and Employee benefits - particularly important and sensitive aspect of management based on financial and related motivation (benefit programs, general Employee benefits, bonus systems and pay raise mechanisms);
  • Perception of the company's image and organizational culture - giving the Employees the opportunity to evaluate their previous expenditures, which the company incurred in terms of shaping its image and building the organizational culture;
  • Me in the company - an area that speaks of a subjective sense of Employee involvement in both the tasks carried out in the position and in the broader issues of the company.