• In the individual companies of our Group in 2018, various trainings in the form of traditional and e-learning took place. In order to provide training to managers, we want each of them to be aware of their role in the organization, their impact on shaping the organizational culture and the obligation of developing the competences necessary to achieve the business objectives of the Employees subordinate to him. Hence the rich offer for them in terms of individual companies.
  • In addition to training for the management and managerial staff, our Employees raise their qualifications and participate in courses, conferences, and studies that directly affect their level of professionalism at the workplace. In 2018, Employees could broaden their knowledge and skills in the area of technical, financial, legal and personal development issues. The training offer is very wide-ranging. We also offer trainings that facilitate the acquisition of numerous qualifications that are required at the workplace. With our flexible response to the market events or legal changes, we offer Employees who, while performing their duties, can have access to personal data, trainings on personal data protection in accordance with "GDPR".