We create our organizational culture based on common values that take the rights and expectations of all groups of Stakeholders into account.

We act in accordance with the applicable law and internal procedures. We respect the views of our Employees and provide them with equal opportunities and equal treatment.

The values with which we identify are built on the foundation of respect and mutual trust. We strive to create clear and transparent rules of cooperation and a favourable atmosphere for all associates. We do not differentiate them on the basis of sex, race, nationality, disability, age, sexual identity, trade union membership, ethnic or social origin, religion or political beliefs.

In everyday work, we follow ethical principles based on 4 values that have the following meaning:

  • Conducting in accordance with ethical principles;
  • Responding to situations that are incompatible with legal regulations and internal regulations;
  • Mutual respect and acceptance of openness in expressing opinions and views. 
  • Keeping declarations regarding the quality of service, timeliness and reliability of production and supply of energy, as well as products and services offered by the Enea Group, while taking account of the risk resulting from the activity being carried out;
  • Implementation of duties of the employer and a member of the community;
  • Taking account of the needs and requirements of broad social interests in the activities.
  • Running a business in a manner that ensures energy security for our Clients;
  • Protection of personal data and protected information of Stakeholders;
  • Ensuring a safe working environment;
  • Protection and respect for the natural environment.
  • Implementation of tasks, provision of services and offering products of the highest quality;
  • Sharing knowledge and experience with associates;
  • Raising qualifications in order to implement the Group's business plans and self-fulfilment of Employees.


  • Policy of Counteracting Mobbing and Discrimination and Other Unacceptable Behaviour - indicates unacceptable behaviour and ways of submitting information in case of reporting an incident. Specifies preventive actions and obligations of the employer and Employees in this area;
  • The Enea Group's Code of Ethics - presents principles of conduct, based on equal treatment and respect for personal dignity. It introduces standards of behaviour towards Clients, business partners, shareholders, local communities and co-workers.