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The Employees are the foundation of our company, therefore we strive to provide them with stable and favourable working conditions. In the entire Enea Group, we employed over 16,5000 people.

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We provide stability and security of employment. We carefully select Employees for our teams, and then we give them the opportunity to make a real impact on building the culture of our organization. Priority in recruiting is always focused on candidates from within the group, while subsequently the applying candidates. We employ people with the highest competences that match our organizational culture. The prevailing form of employment is an employment contract for an indefinite period. Civil-legal contracts are concluded sporadically, mainly for the needs of the projects implemented.

In 2018, we employed the following in the entire Group on employment contracts:

16,531 people, including 2,950 women and 13,581 men.

Note: Enea LW Bogdanka, a company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, employs 5, 422 Employees on employment contracts. The company conducts separate reporting of non-financial data.