Effective communication with Clients is an inseparable element in terms of cooperation. We use modern technologies and solutions to provide comfortable and professional service.

We are available to our Clients through the following channels:

  • 32 Customer Service offices located in convenient locations;
  • Dedicated Customer Caretakers;
  • Electronic customer service offices: eBOK and eBOK distribution;
  • Website: enea.pl and operator.enea.pl;
  • Contact Centre: service helpline (+48 611 11 11 11) and a sales helpline (+48 (61) 850 40 00);
  • Innovative chat and, recently, live chat;
  • Social media, e.g. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter.


Effective communication is influenced by the availability and speed of connection with our consultant. In order to increase the guarantee of effective handling of our Clients' matters through the helpline, we constantly modernize the technical facilities. Our helplines are equipped with additional power sources. Thanks to this, Clients may avail of the support of our consultants without interruption during a telephone line failure.

In the Customer Service Offices, there is a number paging system that improves the work of consultants and provides Clients with service in accordance with the order in which they come to the office.

We also care about the appearance and equipment of Customer Service Centres. We systematically introduce a new arrangement that creates a warm atmosphere of the interior. At the same time, our offices are equipped, among others, with the wireless Internet, telephone charging station and a place to fill in the applications.

New solutions in the area of communication for Clients:

  • We introduced an additional function in live chat, through which it is possible to add an attachment in correspondence. This seemingly small step shortens the process of solving the problem. The Client does not have to personally provide or send documents by mail, for which he has doubts. This may be done with a single click, and the consultant will pick up and read the attachment right away;
  • Another solution prepared for Clients is a welcoming call, which is a welcoming phone call that explains the functionalities and principles of using a telephone service in Customer service without having to leave the house. During the conversation, the consultants indicate the possibility of using the electronic method of service and the shopping zone;
  • We have eliminated paper forms that were sent on an additional print card together with the invoice. We have introduced the solution among Clients who did not use blank payment forms. Initially, the afore-mentioned changes were introduced in Zielona Góra area and are currently used in all our locations. Thus, we limited the number of printed documents. Clients may also opt out of a paper invoice for electronic invoices. For this purpose, it is enough that they set up their own account in the eBOK system and select the option of settling payments based on an e-invoice. The electronic invoice provides convenience through its availability at any time, without the fear of losing the document and without having to use the invoice paper version.

We improve and change our products and services with the Clients in mind. We are interested in what our contractors value the most. We conduct regular Customer satisfaction surveys to learn about our offer and cooperation.

73% satisfied Customers

The results of the survey in 2018 indicated that we have as many as 73% satisfied Customers in terms of the service of Enea consultants and in Customer Service Offices.

How we carry out research:

We conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys on the Helpline and Customer Service Offices. The survey is carried out in the form of a questionnaire. Clients are chosen randomly and by telephone. We conduct the study on a continuous basis and analyse the monthly results. The aim of the study is to obtain information about the level of Customer satisfaction with the implementation of its case and the involvement of the consultant Enea and BOK. The satisfaction rate indicates the number of people satisfied with the service in relation to all who took part in the survey by filling out the questionnaire.