We are connected with the region and the environment from which we come from, which is why we undertake actions responding to the needs and expectations of local communities.

Through the activities of the Enea Foundation and Employee volunteering, we implement projects that meet socially important goals. In addition, we engage in events with a national dimension and exceptional significance for society.

As part of the activities in the social area, we undertake a number of initiatives. We are committed to those that are focused on building real value for the environment. Well-thought-out social campaigns cover environmental protection, safety, sport, education of children and young people, help those in need, as well as culture and art.

The Enea Foundation has completed 90 donation agreements in 2018;
We spent PLN 1 448 999.01 for all social activities in 2018.

Projects that are subject to financial support

Funds were assigned for the proprietary implementation of pro-social projects of the Enea Foundation:

  • "Enea Talent Academy";
  • "Good energy across borders";
  • "Enea for Generations. Together about safety";
  • "Power of Help";
  • “We run - We raise - We help”

In addition, we supported pro-social projects of other public utilities, mainly in the areas of science, sports, culture and health care.              

An example of support in modern rescue equipment

Enea Elektrownia Połaniec, together with the Enea Foundation has funded a modern rescue boat for the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Połaniec, which will enable efficient patrol and rescue operations on water reservoirs in the region. At the same time, the company, together with the Foundation for Education Assistance transferred a vein scanner and a hydrogen test apparatus to the District Hospital in Staszów. Thanks to Enea Elektrownia Połaniec, the hospital in Staszów was enriched with modern medical equipment.

  • We actively participated in the celebration of 100 years of independence and 100th anniversary of the Greater Poland Uprising, through organization and co-organization of over one hundred various types of social initiatives;
  • The aim of the Enea Group's commitment to celebrate the centuries of Poland's independence and the centuries of the Greater Poland Uprising was to build historical awareness, promote modern patriotism, as well as educational and cultural projects that are important for local communities;
  • The Group's activities in the jubilee year of 2018 were of a different nature and range. The list of initiatives related to last year's anniversary is long – ranging from cultural events, sports and educational events, to contests and multimedia shows, of which the most important ones are as follows:
    • We were involved in the culmination of the Poznań celebration of the 100th anniversary of independence and the outbreak of the Greater Poland Uprising. During the finals of the ceremony - November 11 - thanks to the multimedia historical spectacle on Wolności Square in Poznań "revived" the Arkadia building. The mapping of "Greater Poland Victory" gathered large crowds. Using the latest visual technologies, eighteen animated images were presented depicting the regaining of independence by Poland and events related to the Greater Poland Uprising;
    • We were a partner of an exceptional publishing house - "Kurjera Powstańczego" [Uprising Courier]– a celebratory publishing house, which came into the hands of the inhabitants of Poznań;
    • Under our patronage, there were also recordings about the Greater Poland Uprising broadcast on Polish Radio (Poznań, Szczecin);
    • We also celebrated the memory of the Greater Poland Uprisings by engaging in the concert "Greater Poland people sing Independence. In the moments of trying to win", during which the stars of a Polish band sang rebel songs. They were accompanied by several thousand spectators;
    • A unique initiative, thanks to which the patriotic content was permanently inscribed in the urban space in the form of murals - a kind of monumental art that is increasingly popular in Polish cities. Together with our partners, we have created over a dozen great images, including Poznań, Leszno and Piła, commemorating events from a hundred years ago. They commemorate the Greater Poland Uprising, among other events. Some also depict the Fathers of Independence - Roman Dmowski, Ignacy Jan Paderewski and Józef Piłsudski;
    • At the initiative of Enea Operator, a 100-year-old of Greater Poland! Employee contest was organized in which nearly one hundred Employees from various locations of our Group took part. The finals were held at the Poznań International Fair, in which the top ten experts in the Enea Group competed in two five-person teams named "Dmowski Family" and "Paderewski Family" - for the Enea and Enea Operator Governors. Apart from the competition, Enea Operator made sure that it honoured last year's anniversary in many places where it operates. We had celebratory banners on 155 buildings of our infrastructure;
    • Once again, we supported the open-air historical spectacle "Eagle and Cross - Independent" in Murowana Goślina near Poznań. This time, hundreds of residents played historic roles, creating a performance called the "Independent";
    • In Warsaw, we were present at the Independence Picnic organized by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister. The event was honoured by shows of the Polish Army and uniformed servicemen, as well as concerts of artists. Enea provided both the younger and older participants with a picnic involving numerous attractions on the occasion of a joint holiday;
    • We also supported a number of anniversary events in such places as Warsaw, Szczecin, Kozienice, Połaniec or Kielce. They were organized in cooperation with many companies of our Group and the Enea Foundation, often at the initiative of local communities and thanks to the involvement of our Employees:
      • Many independence events were organized in Kozienice and the surrounding area. One of them was the project entitled "Freedom - I love and understand", under which historical and library lessons were conducted, a series of popular science lectures and ceremonial celebrations of the Independence Day. The Enea Foundation and Enea Wytwarzanie have engaged in the production and special screening of a documentary about the tragic fate of Franciszek Jaskulski "Zagończyk",soldier of the Home Army;
      • Enea Elektrownia Połaniec actively participated in the celebration of the 13th Regiment of Wilanów Uhlans, one of the first military formations of the reborn Polish state;
      • The Enea Foundation, together with Caritas of the Archdiocese of Poznań organized the second edition of the program “Good energy across borders" with the patriotic concert "Poland! White and Red Beyond Borders" with the participation of the youth of Vilnius and high school students from Greater Poland ;
      • Thanks to the support of the Enea Foundation, the "Silent Heroes" was implemented, aimed at the historical and patriotic education of the young generation of Poles living in the north-western provinces: West Pomeranian , Lubusz , Greater Poland and Kuyavian-Pomeranian by commemorating the local women in the community that worked for the democratization of Poland after 1945 in the area with the use of modern technologies.
  • Rules for dealing with applications for support in the area of social involvement in the Enea Group;
  • Principles of Public Relations and Social Partnership activities in the Enea Group;
  • Employee Volunteering Regulations in the Enea Group;
  • Statute of the Enea Foundation;
  • Organizational regulations of the Enea Foundation;
  • Regulations for granting support by the Enea Foundation.


Enea for Generations. Together about safety - A project designed to ensure the safety of multi-generational families and seniors through education and expansion of consumer awareness and support for fire protection in households. As part of the action, ten workshops were held from April to December in 2018 with regard to consumer security issues. Fire safety and the basics of first aid for adults and children were discussed;

Good energy across borders - the Enea Foundation aims to spread Polish traditions, history and language in Lithuania. The project aims to support and encourage parents of children and young people of Polish descent living in Lithuania, to choose Polish schools and to learn Polish, Polish history, culture and to cultivate traditions that maintain a bond with the homeland. The main partner of the campaign is Caritas of the Archdiocese of Poznań, which for years has been successfully helping people in need, also outside of Poland;

The power of help - the Enea Foundation as part of the "Power of Help" project grants the implementation of socially useful ideas and projects submitted by the Employees of the Enea Group. Over one hundred people have already participated in 21 projects in the "Power of Help" program. They are experienced social activists, as well as novice enthusiasts. Volunteers are renovating, revitalizing gardens, organizing festivities or sports tournaments, fulfilling the dreams of children in orphanages, supporting seniors, the sick and the needy, and helping animals;

We have energy in our blood - An activity that encourages all Employees of the Enea Group to participate in honorary blood donation. In 2018, as part of the action carried out in cooperation with the Regional Centres of Blood Donation and Blood Treatment, 80 litres of blood was collected.

Enea Sport Academy - A program whose goal is to promote health by organizing sport activities in extracurricular activities at partner sports clubs. The project has been carried out in the Enea Group since 2010 and is growing rapidly every year. In total, in the area of the Enea Group's activities, over 3,100 children from 73 schools take part in free sports activities under the supervision of trainers. The Enea Group has received the title of "Patron of children and youth sport" for this project;

We run - We raise - We help - It is one of the most important projects initiated by the Enea Foundation within the five years of its activity. It encourages sport enthusiasts to help. Employees of our Group - enthusiasts of a healthy lifestyle - participating in sports and running competitions, collect points that the Foundation converts into zloty. The goal is lofty: sports development of the youngest. The collected funds are spent on activities promoting physical activity of children and youth;

Runners decided that the total sum collected in 2018 will be allocated to sports and psychological workshops for children organized by the Kamila Skolimowska Foundation under the name "Enea Active Camp". The workshop took place on March 30, 2019 in the sports hall of the Poznań University of Technology. Over 120 children participated in classes conducted by professional trainers - psychologists and sportsmen headed by Piotr Lisek, runner-up in the world and two-time European indoor champion in the pole vault;