Building relationships with the external environment is also carried out through sponsoring activities. Activities in this area allow us to approach our Clients by sharing common sports and cultural passions, as well as undertaking social and economic initiatives.

Enea became the "Sports Patron of the Year" - we received the prize during the 60th Athlete's Ball jubilee organized by "Greater Poland Voice” [Głos Wielkopolski] . We were distinguished for our special commitment to supporting sports in Greater Poland.


National support:

  • We continued sponsoring the Polish national team in rowing, cooperating with the Polish Association of Rowing Societies;
  • We were the titular sponsor of the largest triathlon competitions in Poland - Enea Ironman 70.3 Gdynia and Enea Bydgoszcz Triathlon;
  • We were the titular sponsor of the Polish basketball champions - Stelmet Enea BC Zielona Góra. The cooperation was a continuation of several years of engagement in the famed club from Zielona Góra;
  • We continued cooperation with the Astoria Bydgoszcz basketball club, in which we were the team's titular sponsor;
  • We have extended our cooperation with the Enea PTPS Piła volleyball club. For the second year in a row, we were able to support volleyball players in the fight for success, being the titular sponsor;
  • Our support was given to basketball clubs: Enea AZS Poznań, Enea AZS AJP Gorzów Wielkopolski;
  • We supported the Enea Energetyk Poznań volleyball club;
  • The Enea Foundation supported the Polish Junior Championships in the women's and men's fencing competitions;
  • We became the titular sponsor of the best table tennis club in Poland - the KTS Tarnobrzeg Club - Enea Siarka Tarnobrzeg.

Local support:

  • Once again, Enea Wytwarzanie has supported sports clubs from its region. Support was given to: Sport Club "Energia" Kozienice, Riding Club "SKARB" Kozienice and Table Tennis Club in Kozienice;
  • Enea Wytwarzanie became a sponsor of the Volleyball Club in Kozienice. Through the help provided, the Enea Group supports a male team of seniors in league competitions and is involved in the promotion of volleyball among children and adolescents;
  • Enea Wytwarzanie was the sponsor of the Polish Grand Prix in Kozienice. The best Polish swimmers competed in the competition.


  • Once again, we were the patron of the Grand Theatrein Poznań and the Zielona Góra Philharmonic Society;
  • We have sponsored the Pomeranian Philharmonic Society in Bydgoszcz named after Ignacy Jan Paderewski, which joined the cultural institutions supported by our company. Patronage symbolically inaugurated the concert "Blue Rhapsody" under the baton of Jerzy Maksymiuk;
  • The Polish Theatre in Szczecin joined the group of cultural institutions that we sponsored. It is a highly acclaimed cultural Centre in Poland and an important institution for the local community;
  • Our patrons held music festivals addressed to various audiences - Enter Enea Festival, Enea Spring Break, the concert "Gintrowski, and yet something will stay after us";
  • We became a partner of the eighth edition of the "Show Class" plebiscite. For several years, we have been supporting a plebiscite aimed at creating active attitudes among students, developing creative thinking, ingenuity and self-promotion of the young generation;
  • We have taken the patronage of the SanLoRemo young talents festival. The festival has been continuously organized since 1986 and takes place in the First High School named after Stefan Czarniecki in Kozienice.


  • Enea Trading was a partner of the Forum event. We are changing Polish Industry. The topics discussed during the conference were the power market and contemporary trends in energy;
  • The Enea Group has embraced the partnership of the POWERPO Poland National Power and Heating Congress. The participants of the debate discussed the challenges facing our sector in 2018;
  • Enea Operator became a strategic partner of EXPOPOWER, which took place at the International Poznań Fair;
  • Enea Wytwarzanie was a partner of the 4th Technical Conference "Maintenance - diagnostics, repairs, modernization", which took place in Kazimierz Dolny.