In 2018, we carried out numerous activities contributing to reduce the negative impact on the natural environment. Activities in this area included large-scale investments and minor changes in the use of the environment in the daily work process.

We carried out investments that contributed to the use of alternative sources of energy. In addition, we focused on environmental initiatives in our Customer Service Offices.


Examples of measures to reduce emissions:

Enea Wytwarzanie

  • Installation of – catalytic flue gas denitrification installation - SCR for boilers AP-1650 500 MW units No. 9 and 10, allowing to reduce the emission of nitrogen oxides into the air;
  • Modernization of electrostatic precipitators of 200 MW units No. 1 - 8, reducing the emission of dust to air;
  • Installation of additional shut-off valves on the mazut system;
  • Modernization of the catalytic flue gas denitrification installation IOS I, II, IV;
  • nstallation on emitters of continuous measurement system, resulting from conclusions BAT ;
  • Construction of a heavy metal reduction installation in sewage from IOS;
  • Modernization of turbine sets of blocks No. 9 and 10 in order to reduce the unit heat consumption.

Enea Elektrownia Połaniec

  • Installation of the SCR catalytic converter on unit No. 4, which reduces the emission of nitrogen oxides from about 500 mg / Nm³ to below 200 mg / Nm³;
  • Modernization of electrostatic precipitators of units 2-7;
  • SOx emission limitation on unit No. 1;
  • Modernization of the sewage treatment plant IOS.

Białystok Heat and Power Plant

  • Construction of a flue gas desulphurization installation for K7 and K8 boilers, allowing adaptation to IED changes and conclusions BAT. The investment will reduce emissions of sulphur dioxide and dust from K7 and K8 boilers to the following values:
    • Average daily concentration of sulphur dioxide up to 130mg / Nm3;
    • The average daily dust concentration up to 10mg / Nm3.

Investments in RES included:

  • Enea Pomiary finalized investments in the form of a photovoltaic power plant with a maximum capacity of 19.2 kW in Poznań. The installation consists of 64 photovoltaic panels. The generated electricity is synchronized with the power grid as a pro-ecological source of renewable energy.

Investments in Customer Service Offices included:

  • Introduction of a new template for billing documents, facilitating the reduction of the amount of used cards;
  • Elimination of blank paper payments in the Zielona Góra area which are replaced by e-invoices;
  • Beginning the implementation of electronic solutions across the Group limiting the use of paper. Preparation of the solution facilitates the signing of contracts with a digital pen.
  • Enea Operator carries out activities that help protect the white stork. Birds often build their nests directly on power poles, which is why, based on the initiative of the company, insulated cables, are used on some MV and LV voltage lines. In addition, the company performs actions to lift nests and rebuilds the ones that have been damaged after storms. In this way, in 2018 we protected 35 stork nests;
  • Another initiative implemented by Enea Operator is the protection of an endangered species of fishery. Together with the Regional Directorate for Environmental Protection in Gorzów Wielkopolski, we determine the best locations of platforms for fisheries that we prepare and install on poles;
  • Enea Wytwarzanie also contributes to the protection of endangered animal species. It conducts constant surveillance and monitoring of smooth snake spots - a snake occurring in the area of the company's operations. Its position was identified and two artificial, alternative breeding sites were created. These steps were taken to diversify the places of potential laying of eggs, placing them at a safe distance from all works on the Power plant's trackway;
  • Enea Wytwarzanie has also taken care of bats. In forests directly adjacent to the Kozienice Power Plant, 200 breeding boxes for bats were placed. These locations have been agreed on with the local forest inspectorate.

Our commitment to the "Green face of Kozienice Power Plant"

We are involved in various types of educational campaigns in the field of the natural environment. Enea Wytwarzanie, together with the Enea Foundation and the Masovian-Świętokrzyskie Ornithological Society carried out a project called "Green face of Kozienice Power Plant". The aim of the initiative was to bring the wide range of recipients of the natural world's wealth around the Power Plant, including the multitude of protected species of plants and animals found in its area. The intention of the project was to describe the impact of the Kozienice Power Plant on the surrounding natural environment, protected areas, habitats, plant communities, river valleys and forests. The initiatives carried out have a significant impact on the protection of certain species, because without the company's involvement many species, e.g. smooth snake, common goldeneye, eagle owl, merganser, fringillidae, kestrel, would not survive in this area.

The "Green face of the Kozienice Power Plant" project was multi-dimensional. It included the preparation of a portable exhibition illustrated with nature photographs, describing the various natural elements of the Power Plant and its immediate surroundings. The exhibition was presented at many shows, lectures, classes in schools and conferences, in which the following issues were raised:

  • Vegetation, unusual natural wealth of the Kozienice Power Plant;
  • Vegetation - the richness of melliferous plants;
  • Vegetation - rare and protected species;
  • The colourful world of animals - in the kingdom of insects;
  • The colourful world of animals - the aspects about fish, amphibians and reptiles;
  • The colourful world of animals - birds and mammals in the vicinity of the Power Plant;
  • Forms of nature protection in the vicinity of the Kozienice Power Plant.

In addition, as part of the initiative, the book entitled the "Green face of the Kozienice Power Plant" and an audio-visual performance in the form of a diaporama was developed. The performance was a collection of selected photographs and drawings depicting the natural richness of the Kozienice Power Plant and its impact on plant and animal species.

The project was complemented by classes in the form of lectures, talks and presentations, and field activities conducted in schools in the field of ecological education.