We feel responsible for the development of the economy and we are aware of our impact on energy efficiency. For this reason, we strive to ensure reliability throughout our supply chain.

We take a leading position in the market in terms of providing integrated products and services in the raw materials and energy and other innovative services for a wide range of Clients.

Enea Elektrownie Wodne

The Enea Group in numbers:

6.3 GW total installed electrical power;
26 503 GWh of generated electricity (net) - increase by 5,530 GWh in relation to 2017;
122,800 km of distribution lines with connections;
3 mining fields;
16,500 Employees who meet the expectations of our Clients in their everyday work.

The market position is the result of cooperation and synergy between our companies carrying out specific functions and tasks.

  • Coal production;
  • Sales of hard coal;
  • Securing the raw material base for the Group.

The Enea Group carries out the process of hard coal mining through the company Lubelski Węgiel Bogdanka SA, which is one of the leaders on the market of hard coal producers in Poland. The company sells approximately 85% of its production within the Group.

  • Generation of electricity based on hard coal, biomass, gas, wind, water and biogas;
  • Heat production;
  • Heat transfer and distribution;
  • Trading in electricity.

In the manufacturing processes there are plants located in Kozienice and Połaniec, heat and power plant in Bialystok, Municipal District Heating in Pila (MEC Piła) and heating company in Oborniki (PEC Oborniki), wind farms located in Bardy, Darżyno and Baczyna, 21 hydroelectric power plants and biogas plants located in Gorzesław and Liszkowo.

  • Delivery of electricity;
  • Planning and ensuring the development of the distribution network;
  • Operation, maintenance and repairs of the distribution network;
  • Management of measurement data.

The energy is distributed via the distribution network based on the concession granted to Enea Operator by the President of the Energy Regulatory Office.


Retail trading:

  • Electricity and gas fuel trading on the retail market;
  • Product range and services adapted to the needs of Customers;
  • Comprehensive Customer service.

Wholesale trading:

  • Optimization of the portfolio of wholesale electricity and gas fuel contracts;
  • Activities on product markets;
  • Providing access to wholesale markets.

Retail trade in electricity is carried out by Enea SA through sales offices for business Clients and 32 modern Customer Service Centres.