In relations with Employees and external entities, we follow ethical principles and follow specific rules. In everyday work, we are supported by the principles set out in the Enea Group's Code of Ethics.

In our Group, the Code of Ethics defines the values that should guide all Employees of the Group in their daily work and business contacts. In addition, there is an Ethics Committee in the Group's structures that review reports regarding events that are against the conduct standards in the Enea Group's Code of Ethics. With regards ethical concerns raised by Employees and noticed violations of the Code of Ethics, the Commission conducts activities aimed at the impartial resolution of identified violations. The adopted form allows Employees to benefit from help and clarify doubts about unethical behaviour.

Examples of activities building ethical culture

In order to provide ethical principles throughout the Group, information and education initiatives were undertaken. Their goal was to provide knowledge to Group’s members relating to the application of the adopted rules. Internal educational campaigns as well as trainings and meetings were organized. During their course, key aspects of preventing mobbing and ethical behaviour were discussed.

  • In Enea information and education activities, as well as online trainings addressed to managers have been carried out. The initiative involved the conscious building of a friendly working environment, proper communication and interpretation of the introduced regulations;
  • Enea Serwis conducted training on the topic "Building a Friendly Working Environment and Countering Mobbing" addressed to the members of the Board and directors;
  • In Enea Oświetlenie a team was established, the purpose of which is to investigate possible violations in the workplace and an information campaign was carried out regarding the implementation of the new rules;
  • Enea Operator has established the Anti-mobbing Commission. Team members received the appropriate preparation through training and legal consultations. The regular education of the management staff in the area of counteracting mobbing and other undesirable behaviour was also ensured;
  • In the Enea Logistyka, the Anti-mobbing Team was created and the dedicated e-mail address was established to which Employees can report behaviour that contradict the accepted standards.