We are constantly adapting to the market environment, being an active participant in positive changes in the Polish economy. Our goal is to develop new, innovative business lines and technologies.

Enea is a leading supplier of integrated raw materials, energy products and services and of the other innovative services for a wide range of Customers, valued for its quality, comprehensiveness and reliability.
Enea supplies constantly improved products and services, anticipating expectations of Customers thanks to motivated teams working in a friendly, safe and innovative organization.

We implement the "Development Strategy of Enea Group until 2030", in which we defined 60 strategic initiatives, of which more than 50% are of an innovative nature. The implementation of initiatives enhancing the business potential will support, among others, the development of the Group's innovative products, services and business lines of Enea. Some of the initiatives will have a significant impact on social and environmental issues related to the Enea Group's activities (e.g. clean coal technologies, hybrid renewable energy systems, development of energy micro- and macroelasters, electromobility).

As part of the adopted Strategy, we have defined 15 goals facilitating a systematic increase in our value. We accomplish our goals with relation to the following four perspectives:

  • Lasting relationships with Customers, systematically falling costs of reaching and maintaining the Client;
  • Large, controlled participation in selected market segments;
  • Maintaining the financial security of the Enea Group;
  • High margin of packaged services and products;
  • Innovation in all aspects of the Enea Group's operations.
  • Low generalized purchase cost, support in financing purchases from the Enea Group's offer;
  • Attractive price-to-quality ratio of the offered product and service packages ;
  • Ability to satisfy comprehensive needs, whether expressed or not;
  • Delivering what is needed at the right moment (not only what was ordered);
  • The feeling of being "taken care of" by an ethical, reliable and innovative supplier.
  • Efficient, integrated management of flexible, open competence groups in clearly defined business lines, in the preferred role of Business Operators on entrusted assets;
  • Creating an optimal mix of products and services for well-identified Clients in cooperation with business partners;
  • Efficiently reaching Customers and delivering the promised values, on time, at the right price and right quality.
  • Designing and implementing the process of shaping the modern Organizational Order at all levels in the whole Enea Group;
  • Sustainable investments in intangible and tangible assets.

We monitor the implementation of the adopted objectives through key performance indicators defined in the perspective until 2025, defined separately for each segment. The bases for calculating the ratios were the values set in 2015.

Key performance indicators defined in the perspective up to 2025
SegmentGoalsBase Value 2015Target Value 2025
MINING Coal consumption index for own needs 43% 75%
  Demand for hard coal 5.5 million tons 10.9 million tons
TRADING Sales of electricity to end customers 16,2 TWh 20,1 TWh
GENERATION Installed conventional generation capacities 3,2 GW 5,8 – 6,3 GW
  Energy production from own conventional sources 12,3 TWh 20,7 – 22,8 TWh
DISTRIBUTION SAIDI 410 minutes 144 minutes
  SAIFI 5.36 minutes 1.69 minutes
  Net loss rate in distribution 0,069 0,059